Because the WHO incorrectly lists Taiwan as part of China, Taiwan has to struggle to keep countries from banning flights in the face of the virus outbreak. (So far, only 10 cases recorded in Taiwan.)

Q: ‘How​ do you write like the Economist?’ A: ‘Pretend you are God.’

Why shutting down Chinese ‘wet markets’ could be a terrible mistake #anthropology

Bernie Sanders’s Surge Owes a Lot to Voters of Color

$375,000 salaries, furnished housing and a lot of sushi: Inside Bloomberg’s spending spree

Mike Bloomberg Gave the DNC $300K Two Days Before He Entered the Race

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The simplest explanation for the flow of military donations to Sanders would be his unstinting opposition to disastrous foreign wars…

I’ll take one DNC debate, a brokered convention, and a loss to Trump, please. Bill it to Bloomberg.

Xenophobia for breakfast

There’s a NY Times article about Anti-Chinese Sentiment in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. I saw this first hand this morning. While waiting for breakfast at our hotel, an elementary school teacher from Chengdu was berated by the cook. She told him that all Chinese have the virus and his kids were coughing too. I intervened to try to explain that there is no chance they have the virus, since they’ve been traveling since before the outbreak and come from a different part of China, etc. Some young Malaysian women were there (college students?) and helped out too, but to no avail. Later, I suggested to the manager that he should tell the staff not to speak to guests this way, but he seemed more worried that he would lose staff if he made them work with Chinese guests.

Coronavirus and the Panic Epidemic

Taiwan’s Universities Are Fighting for Their Lives as Birth Rates Plummet 《I still don’t fully understand how merging universities helps, except by further exploiting underpaid administrative staff?》

Hong Kong using prison labor to boost production of surgical masks 《…which don’t really do much. Washing hands much more important.》

The guy who shot Metropolis designed the lighting for I Love Lucy … and every other sitcom

‘I was risking my life’: why one in four US women return to work two weeks after childbirth “The US is one of only three countries in the world not to offer statutory paid maternity leave”

Bernie Sanders Is Rising on the Strength of His Anti-War Stance 《In a year of bad takes, one of the worst was calling Sanders “narcissistic” for campaigning on his strong anti-war record.》

Joe Biden’s Alarming Record on Israel “Biden did more than any other cabinet-level official to shield Netanyahu”

A Uyghur’s Reflections on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Wuhan quarantine: “not out of an overriding concern for public health, but out of a conviction that politics and stability preservation must always come first.

Never Again Will I Visit Auschwitz 《Polish nationalism and historical memory》

Bat Soup Didn’t Cause the Wuhan Virus

Cleveland Indians’ prospect 朱立人 (Chu Li-Jen) has changed his name back to his Taiwanese aboriginal name “Giljegiljaw Kungkuan” 《Now if they can just do something about that mascot …》

Confusion and lost time: how testing woes slowed China’s coronavirus response

Charles Murray Is Never Going Away

Young voters and voters of color—and especially young black voters—are more likely than older voters and white voters to swing between voting Democrat and not voting (or voting third party).