Should We Be Worried About GMOs? 《This pretty much sums up my position: its big-ag that’s the concern, not the technology itself.》

Wow. OVID TV looks great! (Could almost make up for no longer having access to Kanopy?)

Stop blaming population growth for climate change. The real culprit is wealth inequality. Consumption by the world’s richest 10% makes up half of the planet’s consumption-based CO₂ emissions.

It was really great taking a break from Twitter and Facebook for two whole weeks! Need to find a way to get back on without spending so much time there. Honestly, I’m afraid to even log on. Maybe tomorrow…

A Rare Online Revolt Emerges in China Over Death of Coronavirus Whistle-Blower

The best thing 🇹🇼 Taiwan could do to fight the spread of Coronavirus 🦠 would be to ensure that every bathroom in the country has hand soap 🧴🧼 and paper towels! Masks 😷 really don’t help very much… (Especially not the way most people actually use them.)

Mike Bloomberg Plagiarized Campaign Literature

Race, epidemics, and the viral economy of health expertise

⭐️ The Money Behind Trump’s Money

Maybe Iowa’s Democrats can learn something from how Taiwan counts votes?

The National Archives is letting millions of documents, including many related to immigrants’ rights, be destroyed or deleted.

Japan Races to Build New Coal-Burning Power Plants, Despite the Climate Risks

The app that broke the Iowa Caucuses was sent out through beta testing platforms “TestFairy … limits the number of test users that can access the app to 200” 🤦‍♂️

If things have changed in the 17 years since 2003, one clear difference is the emergence of grassroots online defenders of the state against what they see as ‘subversive forces’

DNC Offers Startup $500 Million To Develop Pencil That Can Accurately Record Election Results

All Taiwanese universities jointly delay opening until March 2 to limit coronavirus 《Good, but will add extra two weeks at end of semester 😡》

Wuhan Virus Cover-Up: Despite calls for transparency, repression is baked into the system

Study claiming new coronavirus can be transmitted by people without symptoms was flawed

DNC Mulls Asking Donald Trump To Run As Democrat In Effort To Stop Sanders 《The Onion hits close to the bone.》

⭐️ The next front in the Republican war on voting rights: excluding millions from political representation

Barbara Smith, founding member of the black feminist Combahee River Collective that coined the term “identity politics,” has endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders for president

Parasite: The real people living in Seoul’s basement apartments

The Myth of Drug Expiration Dates — ProPublica

Brexit, the most pointless, masochistic ambition in our country’s history, is done

Why didn’t ancient Egyptian wall paintings depict them wearing winter clothing, although modern day Egypt can get pretty cold in the winters? 《Why I love r/AskHistorians!》