Book care in Medieval China

Thread by @dfedman: “Climb Mt. Niitaka!” (Niitaka yama nobore) is best known as the Japanese code signal for the attack on Pearl Harbor. Years earlier, though,…

Interview with Gina Anne Tam on her book “Dialect and Nationalism in China, 1860-1960”

Interview with Rebecca E. Karl, on her new book “China’s Revolutions in the Modern World”

On many of the videos, a Chinese version of the Italian folk song “Bella Ciao” plays over the top.

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DSA candidate, Zohran Mamdani is the son of Mahmood Mamdani and Mira Nair

News from 2011 that’s newly relevant: With Reservations, Obama Signs Act to Allow Detention of Citizens

Facebook overrides fact-checks when climate science is “opinion”

Taipei records second hottest temperature in 123 years

Are the “sovereign citizens”/“states rights” folks upset about this, or just happy because it is directed at liberals?

BBC Gujarati’s Roxy Gadgekar describes how his own family was devastated by coronavirus. ‪@RoxyChhara

Budhan Theatre has launched a video “podcast” series in the Bhantu language - now with English subtitles!

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The creeping expansion of the “border,” described here, was a key theme in Greg Grandin’s book “The End of the Myth”

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