Kerim Friedman

Thousands in Xinjiang placed in de facto orphanages after parents detained

Note to self: next time I walk 20 min in the sun before giving a public talk in Taiwan… bring a clean shirt to change into!

There is a time-tested, economics-validated alternative to more babies, immigration” (I keep telling Taiwanese this and they look at me like I’m crazy … 😞)

Why would seeing and hearing be irrelevant? We are creatures with multimodal perception. That’s what we’re good at.

This post on the politics of citation is great, but also makes me want to know more. Would love to see comparative data from other flagship anthropology journals… #hautalk #dendum

Fascism: Minister Jayant Sinha Garlands 8 Men Who Killed Meat Trader In Jharkhand

How the poorest of the poor are becoming targets of lynch-mobs in India (Includes interview with Dakxin.)

Native American water protector becomes first to be sentenced to time in federal prison for DAPL protests (From June 13th, but first I’m seeing this news.)

A Korean Odyssey (화유기, 和遊記)is described as Journey to the West 西遊記 in the form of a Korean drama, but that isn’t quite right. It would be more accurate to say that it is Buffy the Vampire Slayer 魔法奇兵 as a Korean drama. Thanks to Netflix, I’m totally hooked.

Explaining Away Ocasio-Cortez’s Political Earthquake

Scott Pruitt is trying to keep the Earth warm. As it becomes warmer, he will need more ointment…

Donald Trump is leading the Republican charge to preserve a shrinking white majority.

Google and HTTP “Google has spent a lot of effort to convince you that HTTP is not good. Let me have the floor for a moment to tell you why HTTP is the best thing ever.”

Today I learned that EVA Air has an interpretive dance in-flight safety video!

Sharing India’s Hidden History : Changing the Story #budhantheatre #dnt

I was thinking about the early days of blogging (circa 2003-5) and remembering Jeanne D’Arc at the now defunct blog Body and Soul. Is she still blogging or on social media somewhere?

The folks over at the Socialist Worker ask: “What can we do with the Democrats?

A shocking map of America’s vast “immigrant detention machine”

More Americans Evacuated From China Over Mysterious Ailments (What a weird story, but also like the start of a Sherlock Holmes mystery …)

Bill Gates spent hundreds of millions of dollars to improve teaching. New report says it was a bust.