Bernie Sanders: As Trump meets with India’s Modi, a reminder to put human rights at center of U.S. foreign policy 《The difference between Bernie and Tulsi couldn’t be starker》

China’s chilling ‘concentration camp’ footage 《Still tankies out there gaslighting us by claiming it’s HK protesters who are the real Fascists…》

This issue of Semiotic Review works to uncover semiotic ideologies of the face by analyzing what happens when people obscure, strip away, omit or overlook features

With no longer auto posting to my Facebook Page, and IFTTT no longer able to retweet, I fixed things by: (1) creating a new twitter user @blogkerim and (2) using Zapier to retweet that account, as well as cross-post to Facebook. Seems to be working now?

How To Fix Inequality: Create a Maximum Wage

Joe Biden Pushed Ronald Reagan to Ramp Up Incarceration - Not the Other Way Around

Between Washington and Beijing 「for the people of these in-between places, self-determination is not an abstract idea, but a matter of life and death」

Nearly twice as many people displaced by weather than conflict in first half of 2019

Graduate Students, After Gains in Union Efforts, Face a Federal Setback

Paternoster 《Those 1920s elevators you see in Babylon Berlin》