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Taiwan Bar gives an 8 minute video overview of Social Movements in the 1920s

The WPA’s horseback librarians (Just don’t ask Tarantino to direct the movie…)

China’s housing glut casts pall over the economy

Taiwan pledges US$500,000 in aid to Venezuela (::sigh::)

Thomas Piketty: A tax on wealth is long overdue

Pulwama attack: In Chandigarh, Kashmiri students fleeing Dehradun mobs share horrorstories

Starz‘ Counterpart has been canceled—which is bad, because the show is good

It’s not enough to beat back Amazon from New York. We must do more

Fear Grips Trapped Kashmiri Students in Dehradun Amidst Bajrang Dal Offensive (This is really sickening and depressing…)

The initial segment never budgeted for inflation, adding billions just by doing the math correctly.” (How does a “mistake” like this go unnoticed?)

Think science proves taking notes by hand is superior to using a laptop? Not so fast…

A national “emergency”?

Goldman asks: ‘Is curing patients a sustainable business model?’

Taiwan’s indigenous are still seeking justice on the democratic side of the Taiwan Strait

Uighur Muslims demand videos from China proving relatives are alive #MeTooUyghur

Inside China’s crackdown on young Marxists

It may not be the most scenic view, but it’s nice to sit out on one’s own balcony with a cup of tea in the morning!

Had a great time whilst in England, but good to be back home.

Uighurs to China: Post a Video of My Missing Relatives, Too

Shashwati spotted feral parrots like these feeding their babies in a tree outside our hotel window in London.

One of the ironies of international support for Taiwan is that the nation’s most vocal supporters in the US government are folks who don’t really believe in the concept of national sovereignty.

Workers + Students Strike Fight #crisis

Anyone watch the 1491 TV series yet? I loved Charles Mann’s book and am wondering if the TV version might be useful for teaching…

Solidarity Statement from Professors and Scholars in Support of the Wet’suwet’en people

Beijing’s Olympics Paved the Way for Xinjiang’s Camps