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Wake up 0.01% sheeple!!!

#MeToo in China: the Story Beyond Censorship

Ishi Hiroyuki examines Japanese attitudes towards animals and the historical origins of those attitudes.

Response to Mary Beard – Priyamvada Gopal “genteel and patrician casual racism passing as frank and well-meaning observations”

What happened when a Jewish settler slapped an Israeli soldier -

The NRA is smaller than you’d think – so why does it wield such influence? (Motivated voters, not money.)

For every chapter in the history of auto safety there is an opposing chapter in the history of gun safety, generally written with the help of the NRA

The Second Amendment Was Ratified to Preserve Slavery

So a reasonable person might wonder, reading the indictment, whether the beginning of the operation was a retaliation for perceived U.S. meddling in Ukraine.

L’amorosa Menzogna 1949 Antonioni film about photo novellas

How the NRA Rewrote the Second Amendment

David Graeber: Manufactured ignorance: The strange case of Juan Cole and the Kurdish Freedom Movement, and the International Liberal Intelligentsia

Marriage Equality in Taiwan: Time to Re-engage the Public (I’m worried that this is just a test case for many more battles to come, and that Taiwanese progressives are unprepared to take on tea party style right wing political movements…)

The Cost of Being ‘Savage’ in a Supposedly Civilized World #dendum

initially, British tastes found Indian tea too bitter and strong. Tea manufacturers, therefore, blended tea from India…with the familiar Chinese leaf & advertisers denigrated Chinese tea as unhealthy, while promoting ‘Empire tea’ as purer, cleaner and more patriotic to boot

The story behind the satellite that Trump wants dead (Hint: it has to do with climate science.)

Justice minister: Israel must keep Jewish majority even at the expense of human rights - Haaretz

The Stock Market Swings Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Our Rigged Economy

China uses race to unite and divide

A Black Man Brought 3 Forms of ID to the Polls in Wisconsin. He Still Couldn’t Vote. 😡😡😡