If you ever suspected that marketing claptrap could be written by an AI: welcome to “augmented writing.” It’s like those AI generated stock photos of fake people, but for text.

Why snakes probably aren’t spreading the new China virus

Trump removes pollution protections for America’s rivers and streams

For those worried about coronavirus transmission, please note that ordinary medical masks are just as effective as high rated masks (those are better for dealing with particulate matter in pollution). Also, washing your hands is even more important than face masks!

As Wuhan Virus Spreads, Taiwan Has No Say at WHO

University of Minnesota student jailed in China for Twitter posts

Let’s Make the Academic Job Market More Humane

Terry Jones, a Python and a Scholar, Is Dead at 77

Why is a coronavirus more dangerous than the common flu? This article is one of the few to answer that question.

Bernie Sanders’s Hard Fight for Hillary Clinton - The New Yorker 《News from 2016 that’s fallen down the memory hole.》

Exclusive: Apple dropped plan for encrypting backups after FBI complained

In Historic Shift, Second Largest Physicians Group in US Has New Prescription: It’s Medicare for All

Powerful, Moving Bernie Sanders 2020 Ad

Rep. Jayapal, a leading liberal, endorses Sanders for president

Martin Luther King and the ‘polite’ racism of white liberals

Delhi to be under draconian National Security Act for 3 months, police dismiss it as ‘routine’

I recently realized that there are people in America who don’t know who Pangzai is. This is a nice video introduction to “the king.”

India looks at Xinjiang and likes what it sees

the problem with bringing back blogs is

My new bibliography format (to replace Chicago, MLA, APA, etc.) is called JFGI. Entries just list the author and work title, and if anyone wants to know more (publisher, year, location, journal, etc.) you Just Fucking Google It!

Greta and George: vote for people who defend nature. Join them.

Taiwan Sees Off Populism Where the United States Failed

Taiwan’s Immigration Policy: support, concerns and challenges

Taiwan to start Public Lending Right program for local authors 《Local authors will get paid a few cents every time their book is borrowed.》

Impeachment Without Class Politics: An Autopsy 《I’ve been frustrated with leftist takes on impeachment - I don’t buy the “distraction” argument - but this is worth reading.》