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Why Newsrooms Are Unionizing Now

Chelsea Manning is being held in prolonged solitary confinement, a form of torture

Rural France in Revolt

Boston U formalizes a grad assistant leave policy allowing year-round stipend recipients 10 days off

the slithery, slimy, snappy, bouncy, rubbery, skiddy and gristly textures that westerners typically dislike

Disappointing: “2020 candidate Pete Buttigieg “troubled” by clemency for Chelsea Manning

manual scavenging: When it comes to sewer deaths, this is Gujarat’s stinking reality

Who authors a virtual performance?

Modi Government Plans More Draconian Version of Colonial-Era Indian Forest Act

I’ve been struggling for years to figure out what to do with all the business cards I accumulate here in Asia. Turns out that Google Keep (unlike most other apps) is pretty good at grabbing text from both sides (English and Chinese) and keeping it all together in one entry.

Reposting this great shot of Taroko by @latitudesofgratitude. It’s really hard to capture the feeling of this place on camera!

How many Adivasis and forest-dwellers have been evicted by this ‘lawful’ forest destruction?

Frustrated with the current crop of “Read Later” options (Instapaper, Pocket, Apple Reading List, EmailThis, Wallabang, Pinboard, Indiepaper, etc.) Have great ideas for how to do it properly, but no coding skills. Do I know any iOS developers interested in working with me on this?

Chinese Goths Protest Guangzhou Metro Incident With Selfie Campaign

Apache Helicopter Guns Down Boat Full of Somali Refugees Fleeing Yemen

On Sunflowers, Sunlight, and Sovereignty” Something I wrote 5 years ago. (有中文翻譯:每個人身上的太陽花)

Bus drivers spotted stopping to check for pedestrians on zebra crossing in New Taipei City

Just catching up on Taiwan’s techno prince 電音三太子 who has become an important cultural ambassador for Taiwan (latest story had him performing at a Saint Patrick’s Day parade at a town near Dublin).

One Year Ago, America Stole My 7-Year-Old. I Want Him Back. (What is really horrifying are the large numbers of people who will vote for Trump again in 2020…)

The Trouble With Biden

Christchurch Mosque Attacks: A Public Syllabus - Added to my list of activist syllabi

5 Seriously Stunning Facts About Higher Education in America (I wouldn’t be too surprised if these findings hold up under scrutiny…)

Everyone Wants a Piece of Afghanistan

New Zealand to ban semi-automatic weapons

Adam Serwer: White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots