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This is great. I’ve long known of George Psalmanazar’s fraud (claiming to be a prince of Formosa), but not about the efforts to expose him afterwards!

Court rulings free Hong Kong police to probe older offences under security law (i.e. violations that took place BEFORE the law went into effect!!!)

Namewee and Kimberley Chen blocked on Weibo after releasing satirical duet

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Jake Werner’s excellent in-depth review of Isabella Weber’s How China Escaped Shock Therapy: The Market Reform Debate

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We have this dumb spectacle of 117 people, everyone from non-anthropologists to Gods of the Discipline, applying for a mid-level academic position.

Microsoft Translator releases literary Chinese translation

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Europe needs to back browser-level controls to fix cookie consent nightmares, says privacy group (I thought it was bad before, but it really is much worse when you are in Europe…)

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