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Gehry sunset

Uighurs living in the United States forced to submit to Chinese surveillance by pressuring family members back home.

How “Crazy Rich” Asians Have Led to the Largest Income Gap in the U.S. (Bookmarking because I constantly have to explain this to people…)


The AAA has a letter expressing their concern over the disappearance of Rahile Dawut, a Uighur anthropologist in China. #dendum

Half way through Migdal’s 📚 State in Society and so far I don’t feel I’ve learned anything I couldn’t have learned better by watching reruns of “Yes Minister”…

Elizabeth Warren’s Accountable Capitalism Act, explained

The Shareholder Revolution Devours Its Children

Chharanagar Victims Offer Roses in Return for Police Brutality: Say They are Artists, not Thieves

Photos: Franklin Street Subway Station Turned Into Makeshift Aretha Franklin Tribute

On this site…

I first became aware of Aretha Franklin from this amazing appearance in The Blues Brothers film…

Rashida Tlaib on Democratic Socialism and Why She Supports the Palestinian Right of Return

‘Arab Palace’ up for sale for NT$3.3 billion in NE Taiwan (I have been curious about this place since it was built. See it regularly out the train window on my commute …)

Much fungi, many shrooms…

Thorium 👍 Uranium 👎

More people stayed home from the polls than voted for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump and nonvoters were more likely to be nonwhite, under 50, and low-earning

China not just detaining Uighurs, but also Kazakhs in their ‘reeducation’ camps 😡

Glad to see oTranscribe in new hands. A great free tool for anthropologists and filmmakers!

Not a fan of Monsanto, but the science just doesn’t support the Roundup case and it will probably be overturned on appeal…

I only ever read one book by V.S. Naipaul, his Islamophobic travelog from the early eighties, but it put me off ever reading another book by him. Wondering if I should give his fiction a try? Or will it just piss me off more?

Holding hands like this used to be common in China, but didn’t see it on my last trip… Because I was in Shanghai, or changing norms?

Star Scholar Disappears as Crackdown Engulfs Western China #dendum

IMF admits disastrous love affair with the euro and apologises for the immolation of Greece (Would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic…)

Gender studies programs to be banned in Hungary 🤬