The Reason for the Season: why flu strikes in winter 《Note: this is about the flu, not COVID-19, still unclear how much it will follow the same pattern.》

Timeline: Trump’s coronavirus statements

The Mystery of the Missing Bus Riders

No Soap, Little Water, and No Way Out: Refugee Camps Brace for Coronavirus

I spent a couple of days writing this mega post on #covid-19, #coronavirus, #taiwan, #anthropology, and #teaching for @anthrodendum. I’m sure that there is a lot I left out, please let me know in the comments!

Why Face Masks Are Encouraged in Asia, but Shunned in the U.S.

Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong might be more instructive examples (compared with China’s authoritarian approach.)

Students looking at my VHS tapes: what are these? (I explain.) To each other: it’s like how when we were little our parents used to have DVDs. (I never felt so old.)

Petition to protect Taiwan’s undocumented migrants in the face of COVID-19 measures

Judge orders Chelsea Manning’s release from jail in Virginia 《At least some good news for once…》

A different perspective from what I’ve shared earlier: “No need to wear a mask? Experts urge health authorities to rethink mask policy

Republicans Want Medicare for All, but Just for Coronavirus

Finally, Everyone Understands Why Paid Sick Leave Is Necessary

Taiwan has millions of visitors from China and only 45 coronavirus cases. Here’s how.

Deadly viruses are no match for plain, old soap — here’s the science behind it

Coronavirus and Prisons: A Toxic Combination 《and this doesn’t even discuss the use of prison labor to make face masks and hand sanitizer…》

Philippines Revives Perjury Charges For Artist Activist Kiri Dalena

Joe Biden: An Anti-Endorsement

Sanders to the aid of democracy in the United States – Le blog de Thomas Piketty

Stop saying Biden is the ‘most electable’. Trump will run rings round him

Taiwan scientists develop antibodies for 15-minute Wuhan virus test in 19 days

The Chinese translation of Laura Ahearn’s《Living Language》is finally out, bringing the discipline to a new audience. I was pleased to write the preface, which is now up on the Guavanthropology blog. (DM me for the English version.)

You’re Descended from Royalty and So Is Everybody Else

Remember when we were wondering if Bush wore a listening device under his jacket during the debate?

‘Highly Unjust’:Allahabad HC Directs Removal Of Banners Containing Photos Of Persons Accused Of Violence By 3 PM 《Sanity prevails … for now.》