Hong Kong police battle explosions as they move in on protesters barricaded at university

A new museum is set to open in DC next spring, and it’s dedicated entirely to language

Skip Disney’s predictable and dull The Mandalorian and re-read Kazuo Koike’s masterful Lone Wolf and Cub manga instead. 📺

Dismissal of Formosa Plastics Lawsuit is Appalling for Taiwan’s Human Rights Record

Publicly Owned Utilities Could Help Fight the Climate Crisis

How the U.S. betrayed the Marshall Islands, kindling the next nuclear disaster “inroads by China have alarmed U.S. leaders, forcing them to pay more attention to the grievances of Marshallese”

NTNU Professor’s Detention Suggests Further Cases of Cross-Straits Kidnappings by China

Sweden defies China, honours HK bookseller

5 Takeaways From the Leaked Files on China’s Mass Detention of Muslims

Wealth taxes often failed in Europe. They wouldn’t here

MTA Will Spend $249M On New Cops to Save $200M on Fare Evasion 《Wonder if this was motivated in part by events in Hong Kong?》

People pushing MeWe again. The problem is that it’s a lousy app, and no reason to believe it won’t be evil if it ever takes off. Try micro.blog or mastodon instead. Support the open web.

Online advertising is a scam 《Except when it is pay-to-play, as is the case with FB, but they don’t talk about that.》

One reason I stopped using my Kindle Paperwhite was the lack of a Traditional Chinese dictionary, but it turns out you can buy one from Amazon.

‘I live on the street now’: how Americans fall into medical bankruptcy

The female problem: how male bias in medical trials ruined women’s health

For most of the last two decades I felt I could (at the very least) follow the broad outlines of economic debates among leftists, but this Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) stuff makes my head spin.

Southern Poverty Law Center won’t voluntarily recognize employee union

China Makes Tibetan College Graduates Denounce Dalai Lama to Get State Jobs

Pete Buttigieg, at 18, won an essay contest. His subject? Bernie Sanders

Great apes probably smarter than early human Australopithecus

Xinjiang cotton sparks concern over ‘forced labour’ claims

Mike Bloomberg and the Underbelly of #MeToo

Mike Bloomberg’s “city-sanctioned system of racial terror

The theory section of much anthropological writing is a kind of catechism: a roll call of common demons followed by the names of saints who can protect the author from their evil influence. (If recited in the correct order.)