After all, if most moves are likely to anger Beijing, why hold back from any of them?

In U.S.-China Competition, Taiwan’s Voice Must Be Heeded

This is great. I’ve long known of George Psalmanazar’s fraud (claiming to be a prince of Formosa), but not about the efforts to expose him afterwards!

On the importance of The Free, Prior and Informed Consent in Indigenous Peoples and Business Activities in Taiwan

Taiwan’s Elder Care Industry Faces Embattled Future

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Taiwan’s Indigenous star of ‘Seqalu: Formosa 1867’ dies from cancer

Behind the Zhiben Solar Farm Controversy - Eastern Taiwan Developmentalism, Settler Colonial Governance, and the Dispossession of Katratripulr Lands - excellent reporting that gets to the heart of the sovereignty issue!

Why Taiwan Is Beating COVID-19 – Again

This Train Crash in Taiwan Killed 49 People. It Didn’t Have to Happen. - The New York Times

Master’s degrees are the second biggest scam in higher education. (Not so bad in Taiwan, where the costs are lower and many foreign MA students have funding, but I often warn students away from MA programs in the US and UK.)

Profile of two Amis language kindergartens in Hualien (These are great, but what happens when the kids start elementary school?)

Inside the Taiwanese embassy siege in Haiti: how a lone security guard helped wrangle 11 suspects

Great piece on some important ways that Taiwan could improve its COVID response: Unnecessary in-person work creates avoidable opportunities for infection.

COVID-19, Migrant Workers, and the Fight for Equality in Taiwan

Healing words: Taiwan’s tribes fight to save their disappearing languages

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The biggest challenge Taiwan faces is unlearning some of its successful strategies at the beginning of the pandemic…

Is Taiwan′s COVID success story in jeopardy?

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Taiwan’s Flood of Household debt

The biggest threat to Taiwan is political, not military

only person who has been prosecuted for an anti-Asian hate crime in NYC this year is Taiwanese…accused of writing anti-Chinese graffiti

Somebody give me a few million dollars to do a remake of Breaking Bad set in Taiwan…