Pawalled, but an important article about the impact of pollution in rural areas

I actually like Warren, even if Sanders is my first choice, but she really messed up when she backtracked on Medicare for All. Whatever the rational, it showed a real failure to understand how politics work and what had made her popular in the first place.

I hate most games in the App Store, and delete them after a few minutes, but Minit was fun and lasted on my phone for a few weeks. Close to my ideal iPhone game. (But in the end some parts of it were just too hard to figure out without help.)

A stunning indictment of the U.S. health-care system, in one chart

Sunlight on the trail

Shrine found on a mountain trail

Can we just go back to recording phone calls? This system is ridiculous.

Rabbit Mark

In April I got to meet the wonderful Kiribati ambassador to Taiwan, Tessie Eria Lambourne. Sad that Kiribati will no longer recognize Taiwan…

我是台灣人!Guá sī Tâi-uân-lâng!O Taywan kako!I’m Taiwanese!

Wild blue yonder

More Native American appropriation in Matsu. Animated film was a mix of Pocahontas and Pirates of the Caribbean & for some reason had Hebrew text on the screen… (Maybe saved $ by buying stock footage from an Israeli Co.?)

Main islands of Matsu, viewed from Mt. Yuntai

鐵血 反共抗俄 殺朱拔毛 (取豬隻宰殺程序的「殺豬拔毛」之諧音,其中「朱」指朱德,「毛」則指毛澤東。)

CCK room in an underground bunker

Why Taiwan? There is absolutely no good reason to do this and a million reasons not to…

Secret underground hideout for military boats that was never used.

Locals I spoke to weren’t happy about the new bridge to Daqiu. I doubt the island will feel so magical after it’s built.

Stairway to Heaven

Yummy leaves

Sika deer have taken over this abandoned military village

Talking fish

Temple plaque

Frog watching China

Frog alter