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Board Games For Adjunct Professors “Jenga: You build an ivory tower out of wooden blocks. Just for fun, you start removing crucial parts of the tower’s foundation.”

You can now experience the beauty of Angkor Wat without ever leaving China

ICE arrested immigrants who tried to take in undocumented children

This article is fascinating, not just for the stuff about Kavanaugh, but for the insight into what an elite education gets you.

Does anyone in my extended social network teach video production to students who commute from far away? There are specific challenges I face due to this situation which I would like to discuss with someone who has similar experiences. Please DM me! Thanks…

Carpark view

Pot of gold

the first-ever nationwide strike against sexual harassment, and it’s led by working-class women of color

Siri Suggestions in iOS 12 are great, but they are also totally opaque. To get an alarm suggestion it wasn’t enough to turn on an existing alarm, I had to delete it and re-create it… Why can’t we just have a list?

Sheltering from the sun

CaptionPop seems like a really great tool for language learners. Works with any YouTube video that has subtitles.

One problem I have as a festival programmer is that it is much harder to watch slow films on a laptop than in a movie theater. But that’s one reason why festivals like TIEFF are so important. My students almost never see documentaries in the theater…

48 Ways to Get Sent to a Chinese Concentration Camp

New York Has the Worst Voting System in the Country

Landmark ruling: “HK’s policy of refusing to grant dependant visas to same sex spouses is discriminatory and not justified

My school now wants to see reviewer comments for book chapters to verify that they really were peer reviewed. I understand the concern, but still feel uncomfortable about this. It feels invasive. What do y’all think? (I’m not up for review this year, just responding to a memo.)

The suicide rate among Indian women was three times higher than what might be predicted for a country with similar geography and socio-economic indicators

This place seems popular, it’s packed with customers right now.

Scariest campaign poster in Taiwan. 台灣最可怕的選舉海報。

Why does the Kuomintang, with all its resources, run such incredibly schlocky ads and conduct such terrible advertising?

Me: throws you down a pit You: my leg’s broken Me: I’m sure you have proof. I’ll wait You: YOU THREW ME DOWN A PIT Me: so sick of people always bringing up pits You: YOU THREW ME DOWN ONE Me: wow victim card much (Thread)

Some people have vacation autoresponder emails, I need a back-to-work autoresponder email. Sheesh, I forgot how many emails one gets the first week back at school! 😱😱😱

NJ Transit Train Impaled By Big Chunk Of Metal

Imprisoned by algorithms: the dark side of California ending cash bail looks like the absolute easiest way to start a blog. Just place files (plain text, microsoft word, images, etc.) in a Dropbox folder and they are magically posted to your blog! @blot__