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193 tons of prescription medication are thrown away in Taiwan per year

Amazon Teams Up With Law Enforcement to Deploy Dangerous New Face Recognition Technology

THIS is Fascism: What You Need To Know About The Violent Animals Of MS-13

Last serpent shop shutters in Taipei’s Snake Alley

Israel and Evangelicals: New U.S. Embassy Signals a Growing Alliance

How India’s Welfare Revolution Is Starving Citizens

“We are dying in Gaza anyway. We might as well die being shot,” said a teenager

Texas school had a shooting plan, armed officers and practice. And still 10 people died.

Many people have watched the film 3 Idiots, but how many people actually drop out of engineering school to pursue their dream?

What Really Happens in China’s ‘Re-education’ Camps

I don’t think I ever shared the final syllabus for the Ph.D. seminar in sovereignty studies I’m teaching this semester? Here it is! A bit of this, a bit of that, but hopefully a good overall intro to the topic.

So today I learned that the Chinese translation of The Big Lebowski is “The Green Toe Murder” 《謀殺綠腳趾》. It makes sense, but sounds like a very different kind of film…

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Taiwanese women brag on LINE about not giving domestic workers vacation

Zionists… have argued that it is the very presence of Arabs in the Jewish state that propels it to enshrine its racism in all these laws.

The town of Bedrock, in the Flintstones, had a more advanced monetary policy than what cryptocurrency advocates want.

MSF doctors in Gaza: “The exit wounds are fist-size. Bone is pulverized into dust.

As D.I.Y. Gene Editing Gains Popularity, ‘Someone Is Going to Get Hurt’ “Odin’s Crispr gene-editing kit for $159” 😲😲😲

We Must Speak Up Against Israel’s Slaughter in Gaza

Israel Kills Dozens of Unarmed Protesters in Gaza as Jared Kushner Speaks of Peace, in Jerusalem