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A great source of online intermediate level Iyengar yoga classes

Although there are some great Iyengar yoga teachers in Taipei and Hualien, with my busy schedule (and a dog!) I can’t always make it to a class in the morning. While I have a pretty decent home practice, I never push myself at home as much as I do with a teacher. I also tend to avoid certain types of poses altogether which means that the longer I practice at home the worse I get at things like backbends. For this reason I’ve long been looking for a good online Iyengar yoga course. Unfortunately, most of what is out there involves paying for fairly basic lessons. Certainly not worth it for me.

That is why I was so excited when I discovered Rod Stennard’s Yoga Selection website. It has the usual basic and introductory courses, but after you are done with that it has dozens of intermediate and advanced classes. I took one of those this morning and it was just perfect for me.

Carrie Owerko (one of my favorite teachers when I was in NY) also has some classes online as well. Not as many as Rod, but they look great and I hope to try them someday as well…

If you know of other great sources of intermediate level Iyengar classes online please let me know!